How to get AiO
System requirements
AiO will run on a PC under Windows, I have tested 95, 98, NT, Millenium, 2000, XP, Vista and Win7. They all seem to work. Speed is nice but even 200 MHz is sufficient for most DNA. If you want to analysize BACs, be prepared to wait a few seconds.
AiO uses a lot of PostScript so a printer that recognizes this is strongly recommended. Some output is ASCII so this should be printable as well. A good solution is an HP laser printer, that will automatically recognize these different printer commands.
If you do not have one printer that will print both languages you will have to be aware of the nature of the output and select the required printer via the 'Select Printer Option'. It is also possible to print the PostScript files via the GhostScript program. To have it all use the Redmon program, then you will be able to print PostScript files on all printers (

AiO is best installed on a server that can be accessed via your own intranet by other computers. Just one copy of AiO is needed for the use by various groups of the institute, each with any number of users. Each user will have access to her/his own DataBases (DB) and to those of the group (s)he belongs to. For this the system has to know who is logged on. Some institutes use a dummy logon protocoll in which every user uses the same name and password. In such a system AiO will run, but not be able to tell the group members apart.
Of course you can install AiO on a standalone computer with just one user.

For some of its subprograms AiO needs access to the internet. It uses FTP to get restriction enzyme updates, it uses HTTP to update itself and it uses an SMTP server to order oligos via Email. If you want to use these features, the computer on which AiO is installed should have the required connections. All clients are incorporated into AiO, it does not need other programs for these tasks. AiO does NOT need these connections. Everything will run without any connection to the internet. Only those features mentioned above will not function.
AiO also has a number of links to internet sites, to visualize these it will start the default netbrowser and load the relevant page.

AiO is Freeware. Hey, but please cite: "Karreman C.; 2002; AiO, combining DNA/protein programs and oligo-management.; Bioinformatics.18; p884-885." in your publication if you use AiO.

Downloading made easy
Getting AiO is easy, just follow the link below and follow the instructions. It would be nice if you included a signature and/or told me how you found this site.
If you encounter any problems, send an Email to me ( Tell me that you want AiO and I will make sure you will get a copy of AiO.

No, not so hasty. Tell me more.
OK if you are cautious, click here for the handbook (in PDF format - 1 Mb) or here for some info or here for the original publication.

The first and only Step to download.
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